The Rose and I

An immersive, animated VR film crafted by the artists, hackers and storytellers of Penrose Studios, The Rose & I is about loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Come meet a lonely Rose living in the unlikeliest of places, and join her as she transports you to a brand new universe. When wearing a mature virtual reality headset with location tracking capabilities t watch, you can walk around the asteroid and explore it from all angles.

《The Rose and I》是由 Penrose Studios 制作的沉浸式动画 VR 电影。它讲述的是一个关于孤独、友谊、爱情的故事。短片中孤独的玫瑰被小王子发现并珍视。若是戴着具有位置跟踪功能的 VR 头显,您可以绕着小行星走动并且可以从各个角度观察它。

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