A journey that starts with what we know… and ends with what we fear.

“Somnia” is a science fiction VR interactive story. In this story, you will be alone in a spacecraft to save your planet on the trip. When you explore it, you will encounter unusual things appear around you, and then you will gradually realize they are actually from another world. Here, you can become a part of this world, in an intimate and personalized way to explore.

《Somnia》是一部 VR 科幻互动短片。在这个短片中,你孤身一人呆在航天飞船里。在探索星球的时候,周围会浮现众多异常之物,你会逐渐意识到,他们实际上是来源于另外一个世界。在这里,你会成为这个世界的一部分,从独特的第一视角展开探索。

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