An Epic Adventure for Virtual Reality.

Sequenced brings a new experience, that is, you can interact with the animation story. You are still a bystander, but your attention to the different things in the animation scene (simply staring at your eyes) may change the conversation and the important events of the character. But when you immerse yourself in this story, you do not realize it at all.

这是一部虚拟现实的史诗冒险故事。观众们通过 VR 设备可以和动画剧情发生互动并进行选择。当然观众们并不会实际参与到动画中,身份仍然是旁观者,但通过对动画场景中不同事物的关注度(简单来说就是用眼睛盯着)可能将改变角色的对话内容和重要事件的发生。不过,当观众沉浸在故事里的时候,是完全不会意识到剧情的发展其实是自己选择的结果。

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