Senza Peso

Senza Peso, a mini Opera created by world-class musicians and artists, adapted by Cory Strassburger & Alain Vasquez, unveils a beautifully dark world of lost souls and redemption.

In this VR short film mini-opera, you become the protagonist and personally experience the metamorphosis from death to eternity. As a soul transitioning into the afterlife, Senza Peso shepherds you on a spiritual journey through a beautiful and foreboding dark world of lost souls and redemption.

《Senza Peso》由世界级音乐家和艺术家创作,Cory Strassburger 和 Alain Vasquez 改编的迷你歌剧,讲述了一段奇幻又唯美的旅程。 在这部 VR 迷你歌剧中,观众你成为主角,亲自体验从死亡到永恒的变态演进。游戏中的你,并不是真实世界的人,而是作为一个灵魂过渡到来世,让你在失去灵魂的美丽的黑暗世界中实现经历一段奇幻的精神之旅。

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