Sankhara is a poetic VR experience inspired by T.S. Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’.

The story begins at the end of a lone astronaut’s journey, as we follow him home through our awe-inspiring universe. Upon arrival back to Earth, our hero reflects upon his life choices, questions what might have been, and eventually finds solace in his decisions–a familiar emotional journey for anyone who has experienced drastic life transitions.

Succumb to the VR film’s gravitational pull, clear your mind, and allow yourself to meditate on this virtual poem.

《Sankhara》是一部充满诗意的 VR 短片,灵感来源于 T.S. Eliot 的《四重奏》。
故事开始于一位孤独的宇航员准备结束旅程之时,我们会穿过浩瀚宇宙随他归航。抵达地球后,我们的英雄会回顾他人生中的选择,遭遇的问题,并最终在自己的抉择中找到慰藉。对于任何曾经历过巨大生活转变的观众来说,这部片子会给他们展现一段亲密的情感旅程。借助于 VR 电影的沉浸感,洗涤你的心灵,观众可以让自己在这个富有诗意的虚拟世界里冥想。

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