This animated music video, “Pearl,” tells the story of a father and daughter and their 20-year-old car. The film is directed by Patrick Osbourne, and the theme song “No Wrong Way Home” was created by Alexis Harte and JJ Weisler, Sung by the singer Nicki Bluhm and Kelley Stoltz concert.

“Pearl”is a name of the father and daughter’s car. When audience followed the car, witnessed the father and daughter accompanied on the road over the years, will feeling that growing or getting older together with time, and understanding the pursuit of music dream. This is the “pearl” and father and daughter’s stories, but also father and daughter’s memories. This is a story about “giving” and “inheritance”, about finding happiness in the “impossibility”.

It is worth mentioning that this film fixed the audience view in the car, in any case turn the phone, the audience always in a “sitting on the co-pilot” perspective to watch all the scenes.

《Pearl》讲述了一对父女与陪伴了他们20年的老汽车的故事。该短片由 Patrick Osbourne 执导,Alexis Harte 与 JJ Weisler 携手创作了主题曲《No Wrong Way Home》(《回家无歧途》),并由歌手 Nicki Bluhm 和 Kelley Stoltz 共同演唱。


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