Notes On Blindness

A beautiful sensory and cognitive immersive journey into a world beyond sight.

Directed by Arnaud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton, and James Spinney. The developers collect John Hull’s audio, which is record the life experience after he blindness, into the VR application to create a realistic environment. This creates a unique VR project where you have time and space to viscerally experience John’s story and explore how losing one sense can enhance others. When you enter the game in the moment, you will be surrounded by the dark, which will help you comprehend circumstances you yourself may never naturally experience.

《失明笔记》由 Arnaud Colinart 、Amaury La Burthe 、Peter Middleton 和 James Spinney 导演制作。为了营造逼真的环境,开发者将录制的实景音频融入到应用当中。所有音频来自于 John Hull ——一位作家和神学家。由于病情的不断恶化,失明的 Hull 开始用录音带来记录自己的人生经历。这个独特的 VR 影片,使你能够在时空中身临其境地体验 John 的生活,并探索失去一种感官能力后如何感染他人的能力。一旦进入游戏,完全笼罩着观众的黑暗世界会让你经历前所未有的体验。

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