Halcyon is a futuristic murder mystery that explores the dark side of Virtual Reality (VR). The 15-part series includes 10 short-form episodes, interspliced with 5 interactive VR episodes that take you deeper into the story.

This VR story is mainly about the future of the 2058, Dover Julie, the female detective, is responsible for investigating a murder occurred in the virtual reality. In these episodes you’ll be able to hunt for clues, investigate the crime scene and listen in on the detectives’ conversations. It’s a pretty cool experience. The only downside is the point-and-click navigation, which can result in some slight disorientation when your position in the crime scene changes. The experience is immersive, so it feels strange to move around without physically moving.

《Halcyon》是一部探索未来黑暗面的 VR 悬疑剧。该剧共由 15 个部分组成,包括 10 个短剧集和 5 个 VR 互动剧集。《Halcyon》主要讲述,2058 年,女侦探 Julie Dover 负责调查一宗在虚拟现实中发生的谋杀案。在五集互动剧集中,你可以在虚拟世界中寻找线索、调查犯罪现场和窃听侦探们的对话。只是本片也有明显缺陷,观众在犯罪现场变换位置需要通过控制器操作,这可能会影响定位。由于体验是沉浸式的,所以在身体未移动的情况下感到自己在挪动会让人觉得不习惯。

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