Free Whale

In a future story universe, where people already conquered many earth-like planets, scientists led by Dr. Sandman did some experiments about AI creatures and their souls in order to test the “perfect environment for living”.

As a new fetcher, whose responsibility would be getting back the AI souls, Shem our protagonist just took his first assignment to fetch Ai-4fe84f6sa000 on Planet Kandinski. Surprisingly encountered with a free whale, he starts to think and understand more about his work and the universe, the souls and eternity .

Free Whale is the first VR narration of an original series which would also be adapted into film, fiction and comics.

未来,人们已经征服了许多类地行星,开启星际殖民时代。宇宙科学家 Sandman 博士团队借助灵魂试验来加快宇宙殖民进程。 刚刚毕业的 Shem,他的第一项任务就是灵魂回收,地点是遥远的 Kandinsky 星球。然而与鲸鱼 Ai-4fe84f6sa000 的接触却让新鲜人 Shem 陷入思考,试图去了解更多回收师工作与宇宙、灵魂与永恒的故事。 《Free Whale》是 Sandman Studios 原创系列中的首个 VR 故事。

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