Firebird is a suite of narrative & musical pieces for Virtual Reality, inspired by Walt Disney’s Fantasia.

FIREBIRD – La Péri is a stunning visual storytelling experience, based on classical ballet with original animation designed for indoor virtual reality. This story is derived from composed by Paul Dukas, and created by the Studio Innerspace, an award-winning French VR studio. You can using the VIVE to interact directly with people and creatures living in this world. The whole dance, music, story lines and the highest technology’s connection create a unique visual and auditory experience.

《La Péri》是一款凸显了古典音乐与芭蕾舞魅力的舞台剧,源于保罗•杜卡斯谱写的古典芭蕾舞。这一视觉盛宴由多次获奖的法国虚拟现实工作室 Studio Innerspace 制作,舞蹈、音乐、故事走向与顶尖科技一同打造出非凡的视听体验。故事主要描述身为国王的玩家为了追求封印在女神身上的「永生之花」展开的冒险。玩家在追寻被「La Péri」守护的神器的过程中,眼前依次出现了不同的影像,终场舞曲中曼妙的女神之舞则是最精彩的一幕。

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