Dream Collector

The Dream Collector is the first original VR animation of Pinta Studios. This VR story tells an old man with a puppy to pick up “dream” that other people discarded every day, and using special ability to repair the “dream”. With the rapid development of the pace of life, many people hide or even discard their “initial dream”. The dream of the childhood shouting in the classroom forced to give up because of the reality. However, the old man who pick up the dream is through their ability to wake up the “dream” of the review and persist.

《第一课》是一款 VR 冒险游戏,你所扮演的星际舰船船员需要完成的第一课,是树立远航的信念与荣耀感。同时,也是历史上人类探索未知的第一课,学习如何从离开大地到离开地球,面对黑暗从不畏惧。

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