About Sandbox Show

Sandbox Show is China’s first independent VR film festival dedicated to promote VR narrative contents. Organized by Sandman Studios and joined by Enflux, VRplay, VRCore, IN2 and other partners in the industry, the aim is to provide a communication and promotion platform for content creators to showcase the best works in VR Film, Art & Immersive experiences. We partnered with events, academics, enterprises and government to bring the VR experiences on a tour in Greater China Region, help on distributions and fundraising, promote the value of narrative VR contents and further content diversification in the new experiential economy.
Distributors & Publishers // Media // Film Producers & Directors // Game Designers // Artists // Designers // Academic Institutions // Technology Companies // Consumers // Investors // Government
// Promote best works on events and on Wechat official accounts
// Showcase selected pieces in major Chinese Film Festivals
// Invite creators to join meetups, conferences and festivals
// Connect people and find co-production opportunities
// Provide assistance on localization, distribution, financing

Sandbox Showcase Devices


Samsung Gear VR

Synchronized/Asynchronized playback on multiple headsets


HTC Vive

Roomscale ready headsets for full immersive experience